How to order Fan Mail #15

Please Note: Fan Mail #15 is no longer available! (Feb 12, 2000).
This page has been left intact for archival purposes only.

Fan Mail #15 can only be ordered by mail. In the United States, you must send a check for $4.47 payable to Barry L. Kramer, 124 South Locust Point Road, Mechanicsburg PA 17055-9709, U.S.A. In any other country, you must email me for specific instructions, as they vary by location.

If you wish to have yourself established on the computerized mailing list and have me maintain your accounting in the computer, you may overpay in any amount. There are no dues or fees for membership in the DHCS, so your account will only be reduced to fulfill an order or for postage to reply to your correspondence. Note that a positive balance will not necessarily get you regular correspondence if I haven't generated a publication or if nothing new is available. However, a negative balance will have you on a permanent suspension from correspondence, except email. Finally, if I get returned mail, I will mark you inactive until you write to me. I won't hunt for you, and you won't get any future mailings.

Back issues are not available at this time, but I am working on compiling the first 14 into one volume.

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