Deborah Harry Archive Report #6

November 22, 1994


Most of you on the emailing list already have most of this information (as is usual since we don't withhold very much!), but anyway, here's a concise summary of news and facts. My modem is finally fixed but my schedule has been packed, so for everyone who has written but feels ignored, it's just temporary! I always answer every letter and message I get that asks for a reply or contains a question.

New Releases

Chrysalis Records (a division of EMI Records) has released "The Platinum Collection", a 2-CD set containing 40 Blondie tracks, the five demos, "Atomic" (Diddy Remix), and "Rapture" (K-klass Remix). The set, which features an attractive leaflet notably lacking any input from Debbie and Chris, is listed as F2 31100.

Seven "Rapture" remixes plus the two original versions have been released in the U.S. on vinyl! Chrysalis/EMI VV 58277 is a two-record 12" single set available in stores now.

Chrysalis U.K. has re-released all of the Blondie and Debbie Harry CD's except Eat To The Beat and Parallel Lines (which were both still in print), all featuring at least one extra track. Plastic Letters contains "Poet's Problem" and an "Alternative Version" of "Denis" that has some different lyrics. Koo Koo has the 12" version of "Backfired" and "The Jam Was Moving"; Autoamerican contains the "Rapture" and "Live It Up" special disco mixes previously available only on the original 12" singles, and The Hunter contains the extended version of "War Child". Since these are desired by collectors in the U.S. (especially since some of these records are virtually unavailable), I'm planning to organize an order. Prepayment will be required, but if you are interested, let me know. I do not know the exact cost at this moment nor do I know what is on Rockbird or Def, Dumb, & Blonde but if you send an S.A.S.E. I'll get back to you.

Random Notes

The majority of responsibilities for operations in the U.K. have been turned over with great appreciation to Mike Thomas, 9 Parkgate Road, Chester, Cheshire CH1 4AG, England. I wish to thank Mike and everyone behind the scenes who helps me but who choose to remain unnamed.

Mike also said that Debbie might do a show on 09 Dec 94 in Blackpool, Lancs., but this is unconfirmed at the moment.

Ron Male, 50 Alexander St. #2105, Toronto, Ontario M4Y-1B6, Canada, mentioned that there was a movie about Wigstock being made in Canada. Also, a Canadian TV station broadcast about 30 seconds of Debbie's appearance at 1994's Wigstock.

Debbie was doing a film for a week ending approximately 01 Nov 94 in Great Neck, Long Island. She costars with Adam Ant.

"The Phony Perfecter" has been identified as another movie titled differently in England than in the U.S. It's actually John Carpenter's "Body Bags"; however, because the movie was mentioned in an interview as "The Phony Perfecter" first, that was probably the original title.

Debbie played two sets with the Jazz Passengers at the new Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard Street, New York City, on 19 Nov 94. The club moved and just reopened at the new location on 14 Nov 94. They performed material from the In Love album and also did interesting versions of "The Tide Is High" and "Love TKO". They had been doing a playful version of "The Tide Is High" during most of their recent tour.

The following is the information I have on the track Debbie recorded for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie:

Chris loaned the Rhythm Kings jacket from the first album, also the Rapture sweat shirt, the handwritten lyrics to "Rapture" (which Debbie had), and miscellaneous posters and flyers, to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland OH until 01 Nov 99. The museum (which is new and constructed the building for this purpose) asked for the donation but they were putting the Blondie exhibit in their rap section for some reason.

Debbie's episode of "Phantom 2040" aired on 16 Oct 94; on it she sang one song during two parts of the show. Apparently the song was not written by Debbie or Chris, but by some people that work on the series. Her character's name was Vain Gloria, and she didn't look like you would expect. She had short black hair with assorted tendrils hanging off it, and wore mirrors on her shoulders that hypnotized the audience and a sort of superhero purple outfit. It doesn't look like a recurring character, as a matter of fact she looked pretty finished (not dead) by the end of the show.


There is a benefit (in the style of the one on 16 Dec 87) planned at the Beacon Theater in New York City on 02 or 03 Dec 94, but since Debbie is apparently returning from the Bahamas that day, it isn't known if she will perform, MC, do one song, or not appear at all. Rumor has it that she might be covering the Ramones' "Garden Of Serenity" among other selections.

Penn & Teller's interactive CD Sega game "Smoke and Mirrors" which features footage of Debbie is scheduled for release in February 1995.

Collector's Information

One of my associates who's been on the mailing list almost since it started has decided he must sell his Blondie collection. Although I don't necessarily approve of the auction method, I have agreed it is in everyone's best interest to provide details here anyway. Please write to Jim Snow, 55 Parrish Hill Drive, Nashua, NH 03063, and include an S.A.S.E. for his list. Those with email access can reach him at [email protected]. The deadline for bids is 15 Dec 94.

I have been getting increased pressure to move forward with the production of the next Fan Mail. For financial reasons, I cannot afford to produce another the way I did #15 without a price increase. So, I submit to the membership: would you prefer a professionally printed one with photographs the way #15 was done if the price must be increased to $5.50, or would you rather I do a photocopied one styled like a long Archive Report, the way they used to be done, which would keep them under $1.00? Please let me know your opinion at the earliest convenient moment.

Anyone who doesn't get regular correspondence from me or doesn't know their account balance is strongly encouraged to send money or an S.A.S.E. to avoid risk of being dropped from the regular mailing list. There are a lot of serious, dedicated collectors and supporters who get low priority mailings, or none at all, because their accounts are low or negative. Although I don't take out any profit, I can't afford to mail complimentary copies of everything to everyone forever. Email recipients are always exempt from these requirements and get daily information for free!

I need to obtain an extra Blondie official fan club patch (the black one with yellow writing); if anyone has one they could sell or trade, please let me know.

Since I have an abundance of printed Debbie Harry refrigerator magnets with tour dates left over from the 1993 U.K. and 1994 U.S. tours left, I want to offer to sell them for $1.00 each + postage... if interested please write. There are two different ones and the profits will be applied to production of the next Fan Mail. These were printed by April Kincaid to help promote the shows and were not official merchandise.

Anyone interested in having their names and addresses released on a common list for other collectors looking to transact and correspond should write with this request. My mailing list is considered private unless you tell me otherwise.

We are going to compile a FAQ ("frequently asked questions") sheet about Debbie Harry and Blondie. If anyone would like to provide a list questions you have, or those that you've been asked, for inclusion in this effort, email them to [email protected] or write them down and send them in.

That is all.

Respectfully submitted to the members of the D.H.C.S., and exclusively dedicated to the one and only Deborah Harry,

Barry L. Kramer, President [Internet: [email protected]]
Debbie Harry Collector's Society
124 S. Locust Point Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-9709

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