Deborah Harry Archive Report #5

September 15, 1994


Because of recent problems with my computer (difficulty in adding another hard drive and failure of my high-speed modem which cut off my email access), I was unable to do any work and therefore I'm extremely far behind in my mail, especially to the U.K. The good news is that I took 150 copies of Fan Mail #15 with me during my visit to London last month. Please bear with me - I will write to everyone soon!

Current Tour Information

The following is the listing for the Deborah Harry-Jazz Passengers tour. It is possible that last minute changes or rearrangements might occur. Ticket information must be obtained directly from the venues. Debbie is the only vocalist on this tour except for the New York show, where other collaborators are also expected to perform. Those familiar with these venues have said that some are excellent.

23 Sep 94 Portland OR: Aladdin Theater
24 Sep 94 Vancouver BC: Vogue Theater
25 Sep 94 Seattle WA: Backstage
27 Sep 94 San Francisco CA: Great American Music Hall
28 Sep 94 San Juan Capistrano CA: Coach House
29 Sep 94 San Diego CA: The Flash
30 Sep 94 Los Angeles CA: Luna Park
10 Oct 94 Toronto ON: The Opera House
11 Oct 94 Ottawa ON :The Penguin
13 Oct 94 Cambridge MA: Middle East
14 Oct 94 Providence RI: Club Babyhead
15 Oct 94 New York NY: Merkin Concert Hall

The bio sheets I received from the publicist for the Jazz Passengers contains details about this project, called "Jazz Passengers In Love", and it mentions that Debbie does the vocals for the track "Dog In Sand", available on the "Jazz Passengers In Love" CD (High Street Records 72902 10328-2).

The following excerpt should provide some insight for those of you who were wondering what to expect:

Brooklyn-born co-leaders Nathanson and Curtis Fowlkes met in New York and both joined The Lounge Lizards. Later they formed the Jazz Passengers and recorded their first album in 1987 which featured guitarist Marc Ribot, violinist Jim Nolet, drummer E.J. Rodriguez, bassist Brad Jones, and vibist Bill Ware.

"Atomic" Remixes Released

Two separate CD singles (designated as parts 1 and 2 of a 2CD set) have been released in England. CD1 (Chrysalis CDCHSS 5013) contains three versions produced and mixed by Diddy, one version by Alan Thompson, and the "New Disco Mix", remixed by XE. CD2 (Chrysalis CDCHS 5013) contains "Diddy's Edit" (4:10) and the original "Sunday Girl", "Union City Blue", and the 1980 7" edit of "Atomic". These discs are pleasantly packaged.

Random Notes

Debbie appeared at Wigstock again this year in New York on 04 Sep 94 and performed "Rip Her To Shreds". Several newpapers including The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Boston Globe reported that she was involved in an altercation with the Dueling Bankheads who were lip-syncing "Heart Of Glass", when it was actually a staged production that they just didn't get. How could anyone miss the point when her song just before was "Rip Her To Shreds"?

She filmed an episode of "The Jon Stewart Show" on 24 Aug 94 which will be aired very soon. She appears on the show with D-Generation, a local New York retro punk band. The show is not the MTV version but a new syndicated version which in New York is on WWOR channel 9, and she is supposed to have appeared in some skits and an interview.

There was a track date at Tracks in Tampa FL on 10 Sep 94, and an offer has been made for a Deborah Harry Band date in Tokyo, Japan in late November, but at this time it has been neither confirmed nor declined.

Sean Shafer [114 Stoffel Rd., Elkview WV 25071] has written to report two things:

1. Around the release of Debravation in the U.S., Deborah Harry was on the Fox television program Music Scoupe. She appeared with her dog and said that she had just completed an interactive CD game and a movie about a teenage serial killer called "The Phony Perfecter". Also, an article about Christopher Lambert in Entertainment Weekly mentioned the same movie as being one of his upcoming releases as part of his movie deal.

2. Deborah Harry is slated to play in the British adaptation of the comic book series "Tank Girl". Bjork and Iggy Pop are also supposed to appear in this film.

Debbie is said to have appeared on VH-1 the last week of August talking about AIDS.

I sent back our annual confirmation listing to the Encyclopedia Of Associations, reporting current membership of 152.

TV Guide said the "Phantom 2040" cartoon series was to start on 17 Sep 94, but its New York premiere will be at 8:00am on 18 Sep 94.

Overland Productions will be moving a few blocks from their current location. I will report their new address when it is established.

I will likely be doing another Archive Report soon because this one was done very quickly and I've probably omitted some news by mistake. I might have dug up a respectable number of copies of Debbie's autobiography Making Tracks and will report this when I know.

As reported by Liz Smith, gossip columnist, Debbie was at the 26 Jul 94 premiere and party for Andrew Bergman's TriStar comedy "It Could Happen To You" at the Sony Paris Theater.

An Internet WWW (World Wide Web) information server in the U.K. has a citation for a 1994 movie directed by Adam Dubov, entitled "Dead Beat". The cast is: Alex Cox (English Teacher), Balthazar Getty (Rudy), Sara Gilbert (Martha), Debbie Harry (Mrs. Kurtz), Max Perlich (Jimmie), Bruce Ramsay (Kit), Meredith Salenger (Donna), Natasha Gregson Wagner (Kirsten). Additional credits include music by Anton Sanko. No one seems to know anything else about this movie. Cheers to the two people who reported this.

EMI Compilation Follow-Up

The EMI compilation record mentioned in the last Archive Report is scheduled for release on 18 Oct 94 and is entitled "The Platinum Blonde Collection".

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who has been contributing information (especially from Internet), helping to reduce my work load, and distributing information about the D.H.C.S. to other collectors!

That is all.

Respectfully submitted to the members of the D.H.C.S., and exclusively dedicated to the one and only Deborah Harry,

Barry L. Kramer, President [Internet: [email protected]]
Debbie Harry Collector's Society
124 S. Locust Point Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-9709

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