Deborah Harry Archive Report #4

July 25, 1994


Since there have been some changes in how our mailing list needs to be maintained to keep up with its size, and because of the significance of recent developments, the DHCS is releasing this Archive Report. Please read carefully, as your response might be required!

Recent, Current, and Forthcoming Activities

The working title of Debbie's film (shot in April in Port Jervis, New York) was "Upstate Stories". The final title has been tentatively identified as "Heavies".

Debbie was filmed for another Sega interactive CD game (which also features comedians Penn and Teller) during the last week of June. It will be some time before it is released. Also around that time, she was writing the introduction for a book about the history of women in rock.

Time-Life Records has been running TV advertisements for a series of CD's they are offering called "Sounds Of The 70's". The 1979 disc has a processed photo cover of Debbie, and their special "Late 70's Bonus Disc" has a b&w photo of Debbie silkscreened right onto the surface of the disc.

Following up on the item about the "Parallel Lines" box set mentioned earlier, it seems most people who ordered this were disappointed because it was just the normal CD and the liner notes only had a single page about Blondie, despite its relatively high price.

There was an informal celebration for Debbie Harry and Michael Schmidt (whose birthdays are fairly close together) at his Squeezebox club in New York on 15 Jul 94. At this event, Debbie performed four songs with the club's band: "X Offender", "Look Good In Blue", "Living In The Real World", and "Rip Her To Shreds".

In the second and third weeks of July, Debbie recorded voice overs for her character in the Phantom 2040 cartoon series (scheduled as a regular series for the fall; in it, her character is an ex-rock singer turned evil villain), as well as vocals (in German) for a song for the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4."

The National Examiner tabloid's 28 Jul 94 issue has a photograph of Debbie wearing a blonde wig, taken at Lifebeat, an AIDS benefit at the Roxy on 23 Jun 94. She introduced four singers at this event.

New Blondie/Debbie Harry Retrospective Forthcoming

EMI Records is planning a 2-CD box set Blondie/Debbie Harry retrospective which will contain all the singles up to "Rush, Rush" plus the five demos ("Platinum Blonde", "Thin Line", "Puerto Rico", "Out In The Streets", and the "Disco Song"). There will be two singles (a dance remix of "Rapture" by Guru, and a rock remix of "Slow Motion" by Mike Chapman). There is also a remix of "Atomic" by Diddy, a dance artist from London.

The following is the proposed track list: "In The Flesh", "X Offender", "Rip Her To Shreds", "Denis", "I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear", "Picture This", "I'm Gonna Love You Too", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Heart Of Glass", "Sunday Girl", "One Way Or Another", "Dreaming", "Union City Blue", "The Hardest Part", "Atomic", "Slow Motion", "Call Me", "The Tide Is High", "Rapture", "Island Of Lost Souls", "War Child", possibly a remix of "Denis", "Backfired", "The Jam Was Moving", "Rush Rush", and the five demos.

Internal Affairs

Please note: This is the last Archive Report which will be distributed to anyone who has either a negative balance or hasn't written in the last six months EXCEPT by email. You can request your balance any time you want. Some people who make my life easy by overpaying are permanently on the mailing list! You can also decline to receive Archive Reports if you wish, in which case I'll just write you when a new Fan Mail comes out. When you write, if you send a stamp or an SASE (in the U.S.) or two IRC's or a British stamp (outside the U.S.), you'll go to the top of the response list and save me the trouble of deducting postage from your account! If you miss anything (such as back issue Archive Reports), you can request them at any time.

If anyone didn't get the survey form (requesting input into possible future projects which will be compiled and presented to Chris Stein), but wanted to fill it out, please write to request it. Its outcome will affect future projects as well as the format of the back issues of Fan Mail (which will hopefully be completed in the fall).

For our members in the U.K.: I have been swamped with mail because of the U.S. tour in May, my new job, and moving, so I haven't had a chance to write recently. Of particular interest is the availability of Fan Mail #15. I have arranged to have copies carried to England for free, so it will only cost you 2 pounds + postage (7 ounces). As described on the "How To Get And Pay For Fan Mail" sheet, you can pay the exact amount if desired, but if you overpay even a little, you'll be assured of getting future notices directly from the U.S. with postage deducted at cost, as long as your account is positive.

Chris Stein suggested that we do a feature in Fan Mail about the things that Debbie did first, before anyone had the same idea. If anyone has anything in mind, just let us know.

If anyone has a computer and would like to help us archive articles about Debbie Harry by typing them or making corrections to scanned text, please write!

That is all.

Respectfully submitted to the members of the D.H.C.S., and exclusively dedicated to the one and only Deborah Harry,

Barry L. Kramer, President
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