Deborah Harry Archive Report #3

April 22, 1994


Although there isn't a ridiculous amount of news to report, I've been out of touch a little too long and especially with the upcoming tour dates, thought it was appropriate to do a quick summary of what's been going on. [blk]

New Recordings

In late February, Brace Yourself!, a tribute album to Otis Blackwell (Shanachie 5702) was released, containing Debbie's cover of the song recorded by Elvis Presley, "Don't Be Cruel" (2:10). Jimmy Destri plays organ and piano on this record, which was created late in 1993.

John Carpenter's Body Bags was released on videotape around March 1994.

Chrysalis Records has just re-released Parallel Lines as a commemorative to their 25th anniversary. Additional information about exactly what it contains and the catalog number was not available as of this publication date.

Debravation is reportedly being recalled to be drilled and sold as a cut-out, so if anyone still needs to obtain an undamaged copy, you should get it soon.

Internal Affairs

Complications with Darren Smith, former U.K. distributor for Fan Mail, have caused massive problems (hundreds of hours have already been spent correcting them and at least that much again can be expected) as well an enormous financial loss (more than a thousand pounds) to the D.H.C.S., so he is no longer involved in any capacity with this organization.

Anyone who received a modified copy of Fan Mail which does not contain my address should send a copy of the first and page of each issue to our U.S. address so it can be properly recorded.

An additional disclosure about the specifics of the problems will be released when I have contacted everyone who was directly affected and fully investigated this matter. [blk]

Fan Mail Status

Fan Mail #15, dated December 1993, is being printed now. It is 35 pages in length and contains two full page-photos, four half-page photos, and a full-page cover photo (all black and white and previously unpublished). This issue is printed on gloss paper and will cost $3.00 in the U.S., 2 pounds in the U.K., plus mailing cost. Although you don't have to pay first, anyone who does will get theirs in the first mailing (overpayments will be recorded and credited to the next issue). Eventually, everyone on my mailing list will receive it, so, please let me know if you don't want it! Information on how to pay will be included.

I would realistically estimate four months before the back issues can be compiled into a similar package, but this will happen! [blk]

New Printed Material

Lear's (a women's magazine), March 1994, had excellent photos of Debbie (including one on the cover). Lear's started publishing in 1988 and is going out of business. It might be worth writing them to try for a back issue.

Activity Summary

Debbie auditioned for and got a movie part in February; filming would be in upstate New York for virtually the entire month of April.

Studio rehearsals with the band were done mostly in March (nearly every day). A 12-city tour of the northeast U.S. is planned for 12-26 May 94 with the tentative listing printed below. Changes are possible! The final schedule has not been confirmed but will probably be available from Overland Productions shortly. The set list is similar to that performed in England late last year, but has been modified to possibly contain "I Want That Man", "Flight 45", "I'll Never Fall In Love", "Cautious Lip", "Detroit 442", and "Atomic", and covers of "Mother Of Earth" by the Gun Club, "You Got The Love" by Rufus, Beck's "Loser", and the Rolling Stones songs "My Obsession" and "Mystery Girl". An exact decision on the set list won't occur until much closer to the tour, and is obviously an artist's decision subject to change at any time. Merchandise from this tour will be available by mail order per Chris Stein's request.

Finally, Debbie has a track date planned in Seattle, Washington on 07 May 94. She also was in Athens, Greece for a week to do a Michael Schmidt fashion show sometime around 10 Mar 94.

Preliminary Tour Schedule

Fri 13 May 94 Lupo's, Providence RI
Sat 14 May 94 Sting, Hartford CT
Sun 15 May 94 Paradise, Boston MA
Tue 17 May 94 Toad's Place, New Haven CT (possibly 16 May 94)
Wed 18 May 94 Irving Plaza, New York NY
Fri 20 May 94 Malibu, Lido Beach, Long Island NY
Sat 21 May 94 Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
Sun 22 May 94 City Gardens, Trenton NJ
Tue 24 May 94 Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA
Wed 25 May 94 930 Club, Washington DC
Thu 26 May 94 Metropol, Pittsburgh PA
Sat 28 May 94 The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY

That is all.

Respectfully submitted to the members of the D.H.C.S., and exclusively dedicated to the one and only Deborah Harry,

Barry L. Kramer
Debbie Harry Collector's Society

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