Deborah Harry Archive Report #1

February 29, 1992

Some last-minute delays in completing Fan Mail #14 have necessitated that this issue of the Archive Report coincide with its slightly untimely release.

New British Printed Materials

New Musical Express 04 Feb 92 (Intimate Stranger photo and release notice);

Daily Mirror 04 Feb 92 (showed a photograph of Debbie with short hair and shades "wielding her own video camera when she went to a Los Angeles exhibition." The Sun 04 Feb printed the same photograph but said she grabbed the camera from a stunned passer-by!)

Vox March 1992 (nice photo and a very unfavorable review of Intimate Stranger).

This magazine is made by NME and in this issue, they ranked "Parallel Lines" as the #13 official best selling UK album of the 1970's.

New U.S. Printed Materials

Creem, vol. 1, #3 (March 1992): In a listing of the "Most Decadent", a New York Club, Jackie 60, is described in detail, all sorts of bizarre and borderline tacky exploits! In one line, the article states, "One night, Debbie Harry tended bar, and such notables as artists Francesco Clemente, Kenny Scharf, and designers Marc Jacobs and Pat Field have revelled in the filth. Slaves are always welcome."

Random News

On 16 Feb 92, Darren Smith reported that the offices of Music Collector have suddenly become vacant. We have no explanation or additional information at this time.

Debbie appeared on British television on 25 Feb 92 as expected to do an interview about Intimate Stranger. The program was recorded on 18 Feb 92 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City.

Items Available

In order to keep the back issues of Fan Mail timely if they are compiled into volumes for release, the list of items that are offered to me for sale by dealers who write will only be included in the Archive Report for the time being.

As a result of various advertisements I've run, I receive a lot of mail offering various collectibles for sale. Anyone interested should write directly to the dealer for information about exact cost and availability. Telling them how you found out about them increases the value of our advertising, so this is always a good idea. In any event, I pass on the following offers based on recent information I have received through the mail:

George L. Hostilo Jr. (303 Braden Street, Hopkinsville, KY 42240) has quite a few laminates and satin passes of various shapes from the Escape From New York tour for sale and expects to be able to get more.

Ed Varoulo (153 Charles Avenue, Staten Island NY 10302) has a few reasonably priced U.S. rock magazines for sale that have Debbie on the cover. I'd recommend calling him first at (718) 448-4009 because he doesn't have an infinite supply.

That is all.

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